Get a ready-to-use investment solution aimed at remote cryptocurrency mining.

We rely on the PoS and MasterNode technologies, with the help of which our profit is several times greater than that of cloud mining services.

We help you save and multiply your funds.

Remote mining - investing in cryptocurrency

What are the pros?


Just a couple of clicks and you are a co-owner of power that mines coins for you around the clock, seven days a week.

Wherever you are, your funds are available to you on a 24/7 basis, no matter how you extract them. Relax, travel, spend time with your family. AstraMine specialists will take care of the rest!


Our investors received 40% profit in the second month of the website's work. These are real people who you can communicate with at open meetings and seminars of the company.

We use 28 cryptocurrency exchanges and services in our work and have good customer feedback and support.


It’s not necessary for us to run so-called mining farms. Due to the fact that the process of mining is online, we use remote servers and wallets. We don’t need to employ a lot of support staff workers, look after the equipment, cool it down, replace the outdated equipment, pay enormous energy bills or cling to local laws and authorities.

Because of this, you literally need a few hours to switch between different coin mining pools. It provides us with flexibility and makes us more profitable for our investors.


We believe in our ideas, that's why we are not afraid of transparency and are trying to get better, focusing our efforts on development of the company.

We've got a transparent marketing plan and a creative team.

How does it work?

Simple registration

You purchase shares of the total volume of coins extracted via the payment system that is convenient for you.

5-10 days later (depending on the amount of share) you start receiving your first coins

The partner program allows you to earn extra bonuses from the first day of your participation

Alexander Ivanovsky
(Head of the Board of Directors, AstraMine) explains

How much does it cost?

To make it simpler and easier, we've divided everything into hash power.

  • Минимальная доля добычи 1/40
  • Контракт 5 лет
Купить мощность
  • Минимальная доля добычи 1/20
  • Контракт 5 лет
  • Вывод на банковские карты
Купить мощность
  • Минимальная доля добычи 1/8
  • Контракт 5 лет
  • Вывод на банковские карты
  • Вывод в монетах
Купить мощность
  • Минимальная доля добычи 1/4
  • Контракт 5 лет
  • Вывод на банковские карты
  • Вывод в монетах
  • Персональные консультации
Купить мощность

Join us

Become a part of a big team. After the registration you'll get:

  • Daily accruals of coins after you've configured your power
  • 24-hour online support
  • Development in the environment of active and cheerful like-minded people!
  • Toolkit of your partner
  • Ability to track the whole dynamics of development of your business and structure
  • SMM training from promotional trainers, master classes, seminars and more
  • Opportunity to participate in sales of closed pools

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We’re more than just mining.
We mine for your future!

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