Our advantages

There are really few worthwhile for investment companies. Even fewer than those that immediately begin to bring profit to investors.

A lot of people are looking for promising, high-tech directions for preserving and multiplying their funds. Crypto currency is a very volatile financial instrument. You can earn a lot on them and be sure of the safety and inaccessibility of your funds for all kinds of government agencies.

Taking into account all the risks, we, AstraMine club, successfully master this direction. We offer our clients and partners to join the production of promising crypto currency and have a stable passive income, unaccountable and uncontrollable to anyone except you!

5 reasons to become an investor of AstraMine:

  1. Crypto currency is produced not by the old notorious mining on video cards, which carries a lot of costs, but other, perspective technology is used - MasterNode. Minimum costs and maximum income!
  2. A team of professionals takes care of all the technical and analytical tasks. Analysts, professional traders, experts in the field of crypto industry. We are the first platform that offers to connect to remote mining on masterboards so easily! You do not need to analyze the market, in order to understand which currencies at one time or another need to be set up by master classes, you do not need to be an expert and adjust the prey. All that is left for you is to acquire an asset, as a part of the total capacity and constantly monitor your earnings in your personal account.
  3. With us it is profitable. Investors. which are invested in the standard mining for Proof Of Work pays off 1 year on average. At us at not the most favorable coincidence of circumstances the investor pays off TO 1 year.
  4. Experience. In the very first month of its work, the club brought its investors more than 40% of profits. Our experience allows us to correctly analyze the market, and adjust production to those coins that will be most beneficial to investors.
  5. Diversification. By investing in AstraMine, you do not risk all the eggs in one basket. At the moment we produce 3 coins. And from all of them you will get a share. This means that even if several coins fall in price, the remaining ones will at least level the position. In addition, diversifying production, we not only reduce the risks associated with high volatility, but also increase the chances that some of the coins produced will increase in value in a certain period of time. Thus, the investor, controlling the situation at prices, has a chance to fix a high profit in the short term.

With us you secure your future

Have you thought about how to make your money work? And how to make them work not later, but right now and make a profit not in a few years, but today?

Investors, of course, can count on a long-term perspective and wait for the first income from projects for several years, but today we have other opportunities.

Before us, the era of crypto-currency has opened, and together with them a class of crypto-investors, other than classical investors, has appeared. Cryptoinvestor is a progressive person who not only is not afraid of risk, but also sees, in some way, the future. Everyone understands that the future of civilization will be increasingly connected with information technology, and crypto-technologies, in particular, crypto-currencies have already taken their place in the coming time.

All this gives us new opportunities and new perspectives. Already today there are many crypto-millionaires and crypto-billionaires. Earnings on investments in this area are much more dynamic than classical investments. In addition, these kinds of investments have certain advantages that the classic investor never had: anonymity, security, independence from the state, no need to pay taxes.

Are you interested in this type of investment? Are you determined to earn money? If your answers are positive, then the club on the page of which you are now can offer you these opportunities.

We’re more than just mining.
We mine for your future!

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