How can I register?

Only using a referral registration link or through the website by pressing the Register button. You'll have to type your referrer's email into the field.

How much does it cost to activate my account?

One-time account activation costs 77$ and gives you access to all features of the Control Panel.

What is hash power?

It is a share of the total cryptocurrency mining volume earned through remote mining. You receive accruals coming from hash power every day, starting from the 8th day after the purchase.

Why do I receive first accruals 5-10 days after I purchased some hash power?

This time is necessary to transfer funds to exchanges, to place orders in order to purchase coins at a favorable rate, to transfer them to the wallets of coins which master nodes are installed for, and to install and set up master nodes.

Can I purchase some hash power and not invite anyone using a referral registration link?

Yes, you can just purchase mining power. The approximate payback period of hash power is 1 year.

Why are accruals uneven?

Accruals depend on several factors: the number of master nodes installed, the number of coins being mined and the market value of coins extracted. All these factors are changeable.

How can I withdraw partner program rewards and accruals?

You can withdraw your funds by going to Control Panel > Transactions and pressing the Funds Withdrawal button. The commission for each transaction is 5$.

Can I request a return of funds that were spent on purchasing hash power?

There is no such possibility, as hash power purchased is actually a service rather than a commodity. Coin mining with the power purchased is valid for 5 years and can be prolonged in the future.

Why does the balance of extracted coins calculated in USD sometimes go up and sometimes go down?

The indicator of the balance of coins extracted depends on the current market rate and is dynamic. Being a user of the AstraMine platform, you can request a withdrawal at any convenient moment that is profitable for you.

How will the rate be formed when I request a withdrawal?

As you know, the cryptocurrency market is volatile. The exchange rate will be calculated at the moment when the request is being processed by the system.

Are accruals from 10800 power and 300 power the same in proportion? Are there any wholesale rewards?

The ratios of hash power shares are absolutely equal and proportional. There are no preferences and special conditions for large amounts of investment in hash powers.

If I failed to achieve a qualification with regard to rewards, but already have some partners in the depth of the structure, do I lose invitation rewards?

No. Your bounty will remain frozen until you achieve the qualification required. They're virtual.

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