Announcing Version 1.0 of GoByte Pay

20 August 2018

The GoByte Team is excited to announce the release of GoByte Pay Version 1.0.

GoByte Pay is a web (and soon mobile) platform with a rich user interface and powerful functionality that will allow merchants and service providers to accept cryptocurrency payments.

We started this journey to fundamentally change payments and to speed the adoption of cryptocurrency around the globe. Our goal is to make using crypto easier and better for merchants and consumers. After months of planning and development, the launch of GoByte Pay Version 1 is our first big step advancing us towards that goal.

Our development and business teams have been working in tandem to create an easy to use system with the features, functionality and power businesses need. GoByte Pay makes it easy for businesses of all sizes to accept and manage cryptocurrency payments.

While our team is collectively celebrating the release of GoByte Pay V1.0, we’ve already identified and begun work on a number of things we want to improve to, make an already robust system even stronger. To ensure that we are delivering the best, most useful and powerful product of it’s kind, we’d like to get feedback from our fantastic GoByte community. Your passion and support for the GoByte mission gives us even more motivation to succeed in changing payments for the better and your feedback will help us make the platform even better.

A Platform to Benefit All Of Crypto

A future release of GoByte Pay will make the platform even more powerful when we make it possible for users to swap additional cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and others. GoByte is more than a cryptocurrency or a blockchain network. It is an enabler for all of crypto. It is a platform upon which merchants, consumers, and developers can grow their business, manage their money, and create powerful tools to make life easier.


Better and Easier Interface — If you’ve struggled with a standard crypto wallet, then GoByte Pay will be a real relief. The system is easy to use, elegantly and simply designed and powerful.

Thank You!

We are amazed by our dedicated and passionate community and we hope that GoByte Pay reflects our goal to reward you for your belief in our mission. We are working hard everyday to make crypto easy and accessible for everyone and when that happens, the whole world will benefit.

You are part of an amazing revolution in money and we are determined to make GoByte an integral part of that revolution. Thank you for your support and please spread the word via social media and to your friends, that the GoByte project is the place to be for crypto innovation.


The GoByte Team

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