Excellent first results

31 October 2018

Crypto market is in decline. Autumn despondency not only in nature, but also in the minds of investors. Frosts not only on the ground at night, but also on the accounts of future crypto millionaires. It remains only to turn off the computer and go to the hated job with a salary and a guaranteed pension.

However, not everything is so hopeless and gloomy! The AstraMine team was replenished with young specialists in the field of crypto-trading, who brought fresh ideas to the platform.

The first of the ideas implemented is the Birake pool, which was sold out in 2 days and already brings about 50% per month!

Congratulations to the partners who have acquired the power in this pool and enjoy the profit!

Follow the news! The team will try to continue to please you with interesting investment options in the future!

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