First limited investment pool launch

24 April 2018

April 24, 2018

The #Astramine platform is launching a new limited investment pool called Sirius!

A limited investment pool is a unique offer to make targeted investments in one of the cryptocurrencies.

The Sirius pool is designed for investing in the master node of the perspective coin called GBX, the revenue on which is 100% at the moment. The limit on the total pool value is 30,000 USD; the shares could be up to 500 or 1,000 USD. Pool adjustment period is 10 days after the marketplace closure.

The right to purchase pool shares is granted to the leaders and their structures as a priority.

The GBX coin has already reached the value of $80, which underlines its huge potential in the future. The team of developers of this coin is planning to implement the Smart Contract System, which promises to boost the demand for this asset. That is why the AstraMine team is investing in this coin itself and provides the clients of the platform with the service of purchasing hash power on this coin.

Hurry up to purchase some profitable hash power! The company’s joint account will be closed at a certain point in the future, and the company will be providing its investors with limited interesting offers aimed at investing in master nodes of perspective coins on an ongoing basis. 

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