Important Announcement from VIVO developer

22 October 2018

As of a day or two ago, operations of VIVO have been handed over to me. Up until now, there was not much that could be done because of lack of access.
Now it is different.

I am a C++ java developer that went into management so building software is my bread and butter. Clearly there are some differences in doing work in business vs. the altcoin space but over all, they can be managed. The previous leaders were mostly the specialists in the financial sphere.

The first issue to deal with is the excessive cost of VPS for Masternodes. Hoddling with Masternodes has too much VPS expense, and paying for an extra IP is also expensive and time consuming.
For now we temporaraly freeze the mastenode rewards until futher system reinstalation. 
Masternode installation again will be simplified with an in wallet masternode creator and checker. In other words you press a button and it creates your masternode through SSH.
To allow masternode hosting to be worthwhile at these prices, masternode collateral amounts will be increased. The reward will be the same, but you will not have to get extra IPs.
A web wallet is being created.
Also another explorer will come on line because one of the current ones will go offline.

The overall value that will next be focused on is "ease of use".

Ease of use elements include:

Being able to know what version you have and if you are behind
Being able to build a masternode quickly and with minimum effort
Also, if you are on the wrong chain, getting back on with minimum effort and time.
Web wallet availability
Explorers being available most of the time and correct

This is just the start.
A mini white paper around the idea of being a “go between” coin for fiat will be created. The idea is that if you want to pay someone with your credit card and don’t want them to know you, someone else will pay them, and the coin in between will be VIVO."

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