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25 April 2018

April 25, 2018

While the market is recovering after a serious subsidence, let’s see some good news coming from Monoeci. The first and the most important piece of news is that Monoeci is the main sponsor of the blockchain forum, which is about to take place in the Principality of Monaco. This forum will draw the attention of many tycoons of the cryptocurrency world. We suppose that this event will create a propitious environment for the coin’s increase in price and appreciation in general. We would like to point out that the Monoeci team already had some event sponsorship experience gained from the Monaco Bodybuilding and Fitness Championship that took place on the 14th of April, where grand prizes were paid in XMCC coins. This advertising campaign helped to keep the prices very well despite the conditions of the general negative influence of the market. And as always, we are pleased with the coin at the technical level. A very stable network and a constant growth of master nodes (so far 2327) both give confidence in the further growth of the coin. We look forward to fresh news from the Monoeci team.

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