Monoeci temporary mining freezing

12 October 2018

Over the past few months, there has been a steady decline in the profitability of Monoeci mining, and there is no point in supporting the operation of servers for extracting new coins.

Now, based on current market conditions, profit is negative, and in the short term, it will continue to be even more negative. There was an opportunity to press the pause button and not lose more money for the maintenance of servers.

The plan is to keep the servers off and look for opportunities to turn them back on when the market is profitable again. The main reason why this was done was that contracts have a term of 5 years, and we don’t want to burn them with unprofitable loot.

This is a temporary phenomenon, and in the future there will be many opportunities to use these servers. Thus, you will not lose anything from this decision, because it will remain frozen as of October 11, and the owners of the main pool will earn additional remaining days as soon as the servers are turned on.

For example ... If you have 517 days left on your contract, it will remain frozen for 517 days, and when the opportunity is found to turn the server back on, you will earn an additional 517 days.

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