New highly profitable, high-risk pool BIRAKE

22 October 2018

Cryptocurrencies are the future, but people need tools to use crypts and exchanges. We want to build the largest exchange network. Moreover, we want to enable the community, crypto-coins and people from the industry to create their own trading platforms in a few clicks. We strongly believe in the future of cryptocurrency and their main strength: decentralization. Birak’s mission is to provide all site owners and users of Birak with an exchange network, the largest database of orders / users and achieve the highest trading volume in the field of cryptocurrency. For website owners: providing a fully functioning platform, ready to work with Sart, full of orders and transactions; and for users: the opportunity to find the most advantageous deal from a huge number of orders, low commissions, extensive trading experience, bounty programs and loyalty programs.

Coin Name: Birake
Ticker: BIR
Algorithm: Quark
Block reward: 30-260 BIR
Pledge for masternodu: 10000-50000
Masternode Reward: 90%
POS Reward: 10%
Block time: 60 seconds
Capitalization: 300,000,000 BIR
Pre-Main: 6,000,000 BIR (2%)

Trading on CoinExchange and Cryptobridge.

Full profitability statistics:

Entrance cost in a pool from $ 100

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