New investment pool "Antares"

11 June 2018

How long have you looked at the night sky? Raise your head, look into the vast universe, find among the quaint clusters of stars the constellation of Scorpio, now find the brightest star. This star is called Antares. We decided to name our new pool in honor of this star. And so meet - a new pool on the Astramine site - "Antares".

Technical characteristics of the pool:

Hardasap - $ 20,000

Coin-Stakenet (XSN)

Min enter - $ 500

If you are thinking about the "ixs" profitability - this is just the case! Stakenet is a holding company, it's not just a coin for the sake of a coin. This is business, innovation, an excellent team, which has been showing excellent results for more than two years. The history of the coin began several years ago. Young enthusiasts of the crypto-currency world created a site-pool for coins with the POS mining algorithm. The idea was to give money to POS miners, not just "whales" with a huge mass of coins, which is now everywhere. The author of the article used this site very actively and I want to say that professionalism was visible in everything. And what a stock exchange there was! Yes, yes - and the exchange inside the site was and will say was very good. And now the time has come, and the team launched the coin POSW. On the pre-ICO coin, 100 satoshis were sold. Literally, for half a year the coin has shown the price of 20 000 satoshis! People believed in the site, the idea, the team. But then the guys became "cramped". The team was ambitious and wanted to move on, which was absolutely impossible on that business. For a long time there were plans to introduce innovative products of our own design into the coin. But on the coin posw it was impossible to realize because of the technical characteristics of the block. And so the coin Stakenet (XSN) was born. And immediately, with the launch of the first innovation - TPOS. This kind of mining is developed by the team Stakenet. In the following publications, we will dwell on the technical features of TPOSa. In fact, the team has a lot of interesting technologies on the roadmap. And we will gradually discuss them in detail in the publications devoted to XSN.

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