Stakenet releases a new platform

08 July 2018

We are pleased to announce our ‘Staking as a Service’ platform is now live! 

The Stakenet Cloud -, feature automatically enables Pooled Staking of XSN, providing users with regular rewards. Stakenet Cloud will develop to provide a Multi-currency Wallet, Pooled Masternodes, Masternodes as a Service, TPoS Marketplace and Monitoring Services in the coming weeks. Set up an account today to get started and celebrate with our launch giveaway! 

Stakenet Cloud is launched with XSN, and other major PoS coins will be gradually added to the service, allowing users to generate interest on their PoS portfolio. will enable users to stake a diverse range of coins without needing the technical knowledge. As PoS is maturing and becoming a popular choice amongst projects, this is an important step towards the development of a major industry that will replace traditional banking models - allowing to be a forerunner in this new and emerging field.

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