Xmas Pool start

10 December 2018

AstraMine platform announces the launch of a new innovative Xmas Pool! We remind you of temporary features for free activation of accounts. https://astramine.club/pages/n...

Prior to the closure of the pool, we decided not to disclose the name of the coin, but only give a brief description.

The coin is a blockchain-based market for the online booking industry. The unique business model of the project will bridge the gap between the online travel agency and the traditional travel agency by creating a reliable platform with a noisy ecosystem of active and satisfied users and providing a convenient online booking option, as well as round-the-clock support in several countries and in several languages. The platform will act as an intermediary and escrow agent through the involvement of contact centers located and operated by the company located throughout the world. Travelers around the world can find and book the perfect travel website, in applications for mobile devices and tablets.

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