XSN-Core update (July 2018)

30 July 2018

In this update we’ll give you an introduction and brief report of what’s going on with the latest from our different teams in the Stakenet world. Right now there are currently three development teams, all working in parallel. I will go over each one giving their purpose, goals and direction. Any devs looking to get involved with our project or make contributions join us on discord

Dev team #1

One team of 10+ developers managed from an office in Ukraine led by Yuri our lead blockchain dev. We have some of the best C devs you can find and are constantly working/ researching the latest blockchain tech, running testnets, and optimizing code to keep us up to speed with new developments & keep our chain relevant. We have already done some incredible things customizing different features from various chains into one, and now are doing some amazing things with second layers (recently we became one of the very first chains to enable Lightning Network with masternodes)

Combining masternodes tech with LN will allow us to solve some major problems regarding atomic swap liquidity and general interoperability. It’s something no one has tried yet and we are pretty excited to get started. Some other things they are looking at are ways to incorporate sharding with proof of stake and the implementation of a truly high throughput decentralized exchange which we are also excited about.

Dev team #2

running http://stakenet.io our platform that will be powered by our native token XSN in the future. This team is centered around 4 developers run by Carlos (xhriox) who is managing the project out of Spain, two former Google engineers and a backend developer who has worked on one of the most powerful supercomputers in the world (BSC). Here we are pioneering the industry of “staking as a service”. We believe this industry will be banking 2.0 and really grow fast as more coins adopt POS into their protocol.After only a month we have over 3k+ registered users and a staking pool of 3M+ coins. Profits from stakenet.io go back to the community either funding dev projects, launching campaigns, or paid dividends to users via airdrops. We have a very big announcement coming from this team soon(coming later in Q3). In the meantime lookout for more coins to be added to the staking platform as well as masternode hosting services for our MN owners.

Dev team #3

Recently formed and led by a hardware engineer who has worked with major tech companies in the Silicon valley/ San Francisco area. He had developed his own hardware device and wanted to partner with XSN to make the first hardware wallet with its own custom blockchain. We were excited about the idea and wanted to make it happen! With hardware the goal is to extend the interoperability Yuri is working on from the blockchain, and take this into the real world of IOT devices where users will be able to communicate with their surroundings in a way that is safe and secure. Data stored on the blockchain will be a lot more valuable than just currency moving forward so we are excited to get this initiative off the ground and into peoples hands. Look for big announcements here soon.

There are 40+ members hard at work total including some of the industries best legal teams, experienced advisors, and a large community driven marketing & media team (led by our very own commander wolf of XSN-Army). We are excited to keep expanding and building to hopefully contribute something of value to the world of blockchain where we can. Anyone wanting to learn more or get involved feel free to join us on discordtelegram or follow us on twitter to stay up to date with the latest tech and news.

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